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We present a small sample of all the products you will find on our website. At LUXURYLOFT you will only find products manufactured by leading European firms.

Noble and superior quality materials, such as natural wood veneers in oak, cherry, American walnut, etc. Finishes in matt or high gloss acrylic lacquer ... Top quality upholsteries in silks, velvets, faux leathers, leathers ... All this, with new designs, makes us the leader in online sales of furniture in Spain, France and Belgium and we are already starting to have a significant presence in countries such as Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sultanate of Oman, Kazakihstan...

We have a wide range of styles: contemporary, vintage, design, classic, rustic, etc .... Possibility of custom-made for most of our furniture and assortments of finishes, so feel free to use our Inquiry form or to get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help you.

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Modern luxury furniture with the best design and maximum quality

Furnishing every room in a house is one of the most important challenges facing any family. If you are looking for solutions to furnish your rooms with modern and practical furniture, you are at the right place. Among the leading European firms, we have selected the perfect furniture and decoration complements for all styles. Furniture makes the difference and we want to introduce it to you. Luxury furniture for any environment. In our extensive catalog you will find quality furniture made in Europe and following the highest standards of excellence. Their sober and elegant lines combine with this touch of originality that makes them exclusive. In addition, we offer you the possibility of custom manufacturing according to your needs, with dimensions that correspond to the space you have. This is very important because it is not always easy to find a piece of furniture that goes to a specific place or has the desired capacity. With this option, you can customize your home with luxury and guaranteed furniture. In our online shop, you can buy any model safely and comfortably because the purchase is totally secure. To make things easier at the time of payment, you can choose between using your credit card, making a bank transfer or using PayPal. And if you need more information about an item, you can send us an email. You can also contact us by phone or by chat that we have activated on our website. As you can see, all furniture available for online purchase is priced. Delivery is not included on the item. For most of our products, we offer free delivery only in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. For other destinations, you will need to contact us. You can click on each of the products to know their characteristics. On the next screen you will see a description of the item, its dimensions, colors and materials, on a PDF file of finishes that you can download. With these data, you have the picture gallery, with quality pictures, so that you have different views of each piece of furniture. In the same place, you also have the option of including the item in the cart. Our catalog is very dense, but you will find four main categories that we want to highlight: dining rooms, including chairs and dining tables; bedrooms, for all ages and with all its elements; and auxiliary furniture. We will discuss some data and then we will talk about a very exclusive section.

Dining rooms

This category basically includes two main sections: chairs and dining tables. Regarding the first, you will see that there are very simple chair models and others more sophisticated. We have a padded chair, like the IRIS model and other in gloss or matt lacquered and with a high backrest, like the F90 model. As for the chairs, there are those that are upholstered; luxury chairs like the KELLY model, with its velvet upholstered seat and back and steel legs. The upholstered faux leather chairs are also luxury, like those of the model GA1201 , for which you can choose different colors in fabrics, faux leathers, and different colours for stainless steel legs. The tables we offer will bring personality to your dining room. Also, in this section you will have a lot of choices. For example, the DOLCE round table with a fixed or extensible top, in different woods and different colours for the stainless steel base. The top has a thickness of 7,5 cm, which gives it a sober and resistant appearance. And also, in this case you can choose several dimensions and finishes. If you are looking for an extendable dining table, you can take a look at the original VOLARE model. This table has 12 mm glass tempered base and a wood, glass or ceramic top and a 60 cm extension.


In this section you will find everything you need to furnish one of the most important rooms in the house: lamps, vanities, benches, radiator covers, dressers, bedside tables, chiffoniers and even mirrors. Of course, we do not forget to offer you a large collection of beds of different sizes and materials. There are also headboards with more glamor that will bring elegance to the room. For children and youth, there is also a selection of items for the room. With chairs, headboards, shelves, lamps and beds among the most original. Take a look at the air balloon bed, plane bed or tent bed, which simulates being a fun Indian teepee.

Auxiliary furniture

Finally, our auxiliary furniture is perfect for every corner of your home: folding screens, coat racks, bar furniture, shoe rack and more so you can choose the perfect item for any place. Among the most remarkable, we can report the sideboard model LUXE with for doors and an openworked rosette. It has chippendale legs, a PUSH system for opening doors and SOFT hinges for doors close gently. If you're looking for an original sofa, do not miss out on the GRECO model, a comfortable two or three-seater sofa with stainless steel legs. It is handcrafted and can be customized for you to taste. We have many more items for your home: modular compositions, vanities, desks, coffee tables, armchairs, micro cement tables and outdoor furniture.

A luxury handmade

One of the most special sections is the select collection we called "Extravagance". These are different objects in which designers have squandered all their ingenuity to offer innovative furniture. In this section you will find a tiled sideboard, a polished brass dining table weighing 340 kg, or an avant-garde console made of spheres and hemispheres united to one another. These items are handmade and they are of the highest quality; they will give a unique point of exclusivity to your interior. As you can see by browsing through our extensive catalog, at LuxuryLoft we take care of every detail so that you can choose the best in the style you like most: contemporary, classic, rustic, retro or design. All with the same quality requirement. Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions because, in addition to quality, we offer a wide variety of finishes and we certainly have the one you like the most. Finally, we encourage you to consult the different sections where you will surely find this modern furniture that will make your home your real home.