Original poufs. Mod. BIG BAG

Original poufs. Mod. BIG BAG
Original poufs. Mod. BIG BAG
Original poufs. Mod. BIG BAG
Original poufs. Mod. BIG BAG

Original poufs. Mod. BIG BAG

    FINAL PRICE: 261

    BEFORE: 327 -20%


FINISHES PDF (When ordering, you should indicate in the "OBSERVATIONS" section, your choice for finishes)



It doesn´t exist other hassock like the Big Bag, which comes in a great variety of shapes. These huge poufs are perfect for Bali beds and chic areas with own style and character.
Made in expanded polystyrene with 3D mesh 100% polyester, very resistant material and for SYLVERTEX® with polyester and foam.
It is submersible, resistant to UV rays and easy to clean.
Filled with 100% expanded polystyrene.
Available in different colours and 2 sizes.
Check our finishes PDF.
It is available in 2 types of fabrics, according its use:
- 3D fabric (AQUATIC): Three-dimensional fabric. Breathable and drainable. 100% Expanded polystyrene filling that allows the product to float.
- SILVERTEX® (NO AQUATIC):synthetic textile can be exposed in outdoor areas (wind, cold, hot, rain). PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES put the product in water. The landfill used for this products is polystyrene and foam.

Product Details


1. These products are not a toy. Do not allow children to play alone in the water with these items without adult supervision. LUXURYLOFT DECORACIÓN, S.L. is not responsible in case of accident.
2. The weight of every article increases substantially because of the water, so it should be taken out the water carefully. Depending on the measurements of the product, two or more people may be necessary to move it away from the water.
3. The product must be removed from the water after each use, so that its stuffing does not deteriorate. It is also strongly recommended to wash it to remove any saltpetre or chlorine.
4. It is very important to keep the furniture completely dry if it is not going to be used for a long period of time. It is recommended to hang the item for two to four days in a sunny, ventilated area before storing it. LUXURYLOFT DECORACIÓN, S.L. shall not be held responsible for any damp patches caused by incorrect use of the product.
5. It is recommended to avoid eating above 3D fabric, in case of food stains, it is important to wash it as soon as possible. The cleaning must be done with a neutral product and circular mouvements. Wash it without removing the stuffing, and let it dry in an open place.
6. This product has an inner pocket with a zipper for easy replacement stuffing is available in an easy to handle bag. The frequency of replacement will depend on how heavily the product is used.


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Two years of the manufacturer's warranty.

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Almost all of our products can be manufactured in special measures. Contact us if you need a special size.

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